Our Mission

Responsibly delivering a multi-generational supply of critical minerals that supports the
North American clean energy transition.

Our Vision

To lead in delivering minerals and metals that accelerate North America’s transition
to a low-carbon economy, creating a positive legacy.


Health & Safety

Our priority is ensuring everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.


We listen and engage with others to understand their views, and continuously work to improve our social and environmental performance.


We do what’s right by honoring our commitments and treating everyone with dignity and professionalism.


We ensure our actions and operations protect the wellbeing of people and the environment.


We value and encourage diverse thinking and perspectives by pursuing ideas and opportunities to find a safer and more efficient way to work.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Cherry

Management Committee Chair

Matthew Rowlinson

Management Committee

Donald Brown

Management Committee

Karla Mills

Management Committee

Channa Patrick Pelpola

Management Committee

Colin Joudrie

Management Committee

Tannice McCoy

Management Team

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